Founder Terl Bryant talks about the vision

It all started with a dream in 1994...


"I dreamt I was standing in a semi-circle with a number of other drummers. We were worshipping and pounding our drums in unison. I sensed we were somehow close to the throne of God. Our heads were bowed because the light of His presence was so bright. There were beams of intense light and smoke billowing up all around. It was as if we were on duty and called together for this moment. We were working hard drumming out a powerful and relentless rhythm. Then came the sense of a song, and I could hear the words from Psalm 97: "The Lord reigns, let the earth rejoice, righteousness and justice are the foundations of His throne". I sensed the awe and fear of God as we drummed and knew I was privileged to be there. Then I somehow saw the word 'PSALM' and a few moments later, I woke up. I was changed."


The Vision

Our vision is simple. To bring the heart of the dream alive through our drumming and to gather with other drummers who share a sense of calling to do likewise. Our mission is to go out with our drums, to play and worship, declaring psalms and releasing God's love wherever He leads.

How we operate

The Message version of Psalm 66 encourages us to “set glory to the rhythms of His praise”. Terl Bryant and Psalm Drummers do just that.
— Matt Redman / worship leader and songwriter

These 8 principles define us:

1. We follow Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour 

2. We pursue God's rhythm for our lives

3. We view drumming as a gift that we should invest in

4. We believe drumming can be a powerful tool for change

5. We play drums and use the scriptures to declare the good news of God's love

6. We aim to promote unity, build relationships and bridge cultural divides

7. We serve the body of Christ (the church across many denominations)

8. We are ready for mission